21 November 2013, Camden, Underworld


I’d never heard of this band before and had a quick look on the internet to find out more about them but unfortunately they had no website or facebook available. Neverthless we are greeted by the Scottish lead singer/guitarist bursting into good rock n roll songs. The songs were enjoyable enough bursting with energy, grinding vocals and guitars that reminds me of good old 70’s rock tunes. This was complimented with great rhythm and hooks from both guitars that I couldn’t help but find myself tapping my feet. Their songs like Femme Fatale, Man Overboard have great riffs that are pretty catchy. All the way through I think,’This is not bad’, a band
that is worth watching out for.


This band consists of five people fronted by a female singer, I would say their set has pretty decent rock tunes, they are influenced by the likes of Poison, Guns N Roses and Kiss to name a few but they came out more for me as hard punk rock like Sex Pistols. It has the energetic feet stompin, headbangin, good time rock music feeL to it. The singer could do with introducing the songs they are about to perform and make eye contact more to the audience when talking, as this then gives a good connection to us. Overall it is a enjoyable enough and the crowd enjoyed themselves too.


Now, I’ve heard of Damn Dice, I’ve heard quite a buzz about them and all in a positive way. I know they’re pretty well known, the fact that they’ve toured with LA Guns you can’t get any cooler than that. As a fan of old school rock, I’m not surprised to find myself looking forward to what they had to offer. Looking good all uniformed in style fitted to their type of music, I can see they would appeal to their female fans, but as a rock fan I’ve got to be impressed with their music – and they didn’t disappoint. Their songs are energetic, powered by the heavy beat of their bassist Marco complimenting their drummer Fransoa as he wildly trashed through
the songs, showing that this band means business. Each song is throughly entertaining that tapping your feet is not enough, you can’t help but lose yourself to the music. They had the crowd chanting to their songs knowing every word. You know this band have no problem gaining more fans to their already growing fan base. The lead singer Alex is pretty impressive with his vocals screamin with attitude as he sings through songs from their EP like ‘Bang your head’, ‘Caught in the ride’ and their new single ‘Wild into the night’ – one of my personal favorites. The guitarist Wallis is as equally impressive with his great rhythm, techniques and style, a guitarist
you can take seriously. Their songs are catchy heavy rock tunes that if like me have been disappointed in the past with any of bands to come out being likened to Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Poison, Damn Dice are one of the more exciting bands to come out and do live up to their hype. I see that the bassist had Skid Row Tshirt on (he took it off later) and I would hope they could support Skid Row next year when they tour as they are that good. Damn nice…Damn Cool…Damn Impressive…that is Damn


I’m a great fan of Tigertailz they’re one of bands that I grew up on, certainly when the Bezerk album came out Tigertailz made their mark into the glam scene. They were the staple diet of glammies out there and I’m one of them who bopped to their tunes in Nottingham Rock City – home of the glam sleaze rock. So I am looking forward to catch up with them and their new line up to see if they can still rock my socks off. They opened up with ‘Sick Sex’ and immediately drew up the crowd to start the night off. It was nice to see that Jay Pepper has continued on with Tigertailz after the sad passing of Pepsi Tate and numerous line up changes he almost was ready to close the curtain on Tigertailz. We are greeted with Matt back on drums and new members Rob Wylde as bassist and Jules as the front man. Jules has no problem picking up where Kim left off and can as easily show the crowd what Tigertailz is all about: down to style, vocal range and showmanship. His vocals fill the range of the songs no problem. With classic songs like ‘Twist and Shake’that I like very much, ‘Livin without you’ so catchy despite of it being a love song, Jay’s fantastic intro makes this song heavy rock than ballad rock, to ‘I can fight dirty too’ sums up what kind of music Tigertailz makes: dirty, sleazy rock with attitude. Great performance from Matt and Rob with his amazing bass beat adding edge to all the songs that we all know and love. ‘Call of the wild’ is another one of my fave, if people think glam is all about guys in make up, think again as this song will prove to you it has muscles to change your mind with it’s heavy riff and beat. Is hard not to enjoy yourself in this gig, Tigertailz stll captured my love for the 80’s music rock scene and what it is all about but they are not stuck in time. Introducing us to some songs on their new EP like ‘Shoe Collecter (Pepsi’s self titled film) which I liked, ‘Bite the hand’ with hard crunching intro and if you haven’t warmed up
yet this should give you a good kick up the ass. Jay tried to give us the lyrics to sing into ‘Punch in the glitz'(song dedicated to the people who fucked the band over) certainly self explanatory if you’ve missed the point of the song. The set was finished with what is known as the ‘Welsh National Anthem’ that is of course ‘Love Bomb Baby’ which seals the deal for such a fantastic gig. What I saw tonight is one of the legendary rock bands that continued on what they believe in and even with their new line up fitting so perfectly, Tigertailz remain what they truly are as Jay Pepper said: Tigertailz is and will always be a GLAM METAL band.

Check out their gallery page for their photos

Check out their video page in action



5th November 2013, London, Electric Ballroom


Hailing all the way from Australia these heavy metal band keeping the what real metal is all about and as you know that is always good if we keep hearing music from One Direction to Justin Bieber . They actually started out here in merry old London, England and had since made their way back to Australia but tonight they came once more to entertain us hungry Brits with a slice of metal. The band are tight and solid in their playing, the energy of the singer Jake Wiffin was awesome, he has great vocals that could give legend Bruce Dickinson a run for his money. With the catchy riff and solos to headbang to from their guitarist Sean Blanchard giving their songs are real kick up the arse. Everyone applauded and approved of them, noting that they are on a 2 month tour with UKJ and Skid Row, they are more than capable to show what they are made of. Not forgetting the fact that their drummer Andy is only 21 years of age, I can tell you, with the kind of noise level they made, that is pretty impressive. Overall this band is competent and sounds really good, a must for real metal fans out there who still enjoy old school metal.

Dead City Ruins

Dead City Ruins


I remember liking UKJ because one of their song was featured in Wayne’s World which happens to be my all time favorite comedy film, after that, I know little what the band has been up to since. Coming from the 90’s music scene I always thought they are funk metal which I wasn’t really into but they did have two or three hits here in UK which I liked. As soon as they arrived on stage, the crowd gathered around surprising me as I didn’t realize how popular they are to this day after how many years of absence. I only know their hit songs so I didn’t really know what to expect from the rest of their new album. Whitfield Crane started the song with ‘V.I.P.’ and straight to ‘Neighbour’ which prompt me to shout at the top of my lungs, singing along with the crowds and it also reminded me how I use to annoy our neighbor with this song because they don’t like the kind of music we play. The songs that they played sounded pretty good and all the die hard fans know every words to the songs, most especially ‘Harry Chapin’ ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ version where everyone including those who might not like UKJ can’t help but sing along. I felt they maintained their rock/funk/grunge style songs and nobody was complaining as the crowds continued to roar with the band. They also did a brilliant cover of ‘Ace of Spades’ at this point I started moshing with a couple as I had a good time. Finishing a well deserved end to the night of their famous finale song ‘I hate everything about you’ – at this point, is just a song, can’t take it literally, for the UKJ fans out there I am sure they have loved everything about them.

Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe


I am a huge fan of Skid Row they are one of the most influential bands I listened to when I was growing up. Even though I have seen them previously in the O2 Islington in April tonight was a massive treat for me once more; surely having too much is always a good thing. I could see all the crowds rushing in and waiting for the band to come out, and sure enough as we are hit with the song ‘Let’s go’ from their new EP, the crowd went wild and who wouldn’t with this upbeat, punk rock music which no doubt you can clearly hear Rachel Bolan’s influence. This was soon followed with ‘Big Guns’ one of my many fave songs of the band so naturally I gatecrashed an already forming mosh pit singing heartily on the top of my lungs to the lyrics. Johnny had taken a lot of criticism over the comparison of his vocals to Seb but that’s just it: he is NOT Seb as he is his own singer who is more than capable singing the songs to the level which I think still sound pretty damn good as a rock singer should be. He sang the songs with passion whether in ballads or angst like ‘Get the Fuck Out’ which is always a nice song to sing to even if you’re not pissed off, ‘Piece of me’ the cool bass intro and quickly the crunching catchy riff catches on which you know you are bound to headbang like crazy. You get a bit of a ‘rest’ when ’18 and life’ came on, if you didn’t know the lyrics to this I am not sure what you are doing in this gig as everyone joined in as well as the band to this classic. They did play the song ‘Thick is the Skin’ from Johnny’s SkidRow debut cd which I like as it had this cool attitude vibe which was exactly what the song is about: attitude of saying ‘we don’t care’. The band played like they always do giving 100% to their fans and their fans give 100% back. They enjoyed and loved what they’re doing and you can tell they are passionate – that is something you cannot fake, and if they do I can always tell…everyone could tell because faking rock music is hard, as rock is
all about being real and what comes straight from the heart. Playing ‘Kings of Demolition’ another new song from their new EP ‘United World Rebellion’, again this all about attitude; from Johnny with his usual deliverance of cool vocals is hard to believe he is doubted as the suitable singer for the band after Seb, this was supported by Bolan’s bass,then the cool riff followed which had the same affect of someone smacking you straight in the face. This angry anthem is enough to make you re-live your childhood and start up a fight, it is well received by the crowds. Scotti and Dave just ripped everyone with their cool guitar solos especially the solo
for their encore ‘Quicksand Jesus’ for those like me, like to hear solos that I can honestly say gets you ‘high’as you feel the power of this ballad which is why this is one of their many classic well loved songs. Not forgetting Rachel Bolan who always appreciates the fans who came out tonight, with his version of ‘Psychotherapy’, as a fan of Ramones and Skid Row this is all my bdays and Christmas’at once for me, it is my absolute favorite and as usual he delivered it well sending me and everyone wild that is guaranteed sore neck the next day. This was followed by their timeless ballad ‘I Remember You’, Johnny asking if we know the words is like
asking if we are having a good time, truly this band can’t get any better with songs like this. More from their many classic songs like ‘Riot Act’ which I always thought sounded like a rock version of The Ramones and ‘Monkey Business’. Alas, all good things come to an end, the band disappears signalling the telltale sign of an encore which means the show is about to finish. Even so fans were treated to an extra song for their encore over running their time due to finish. They saved their best for last which is the ultimate classic ‘Slave to the Grind’, if you haven’t had yet experienced the almighty Skid Row’s presence (what is wrong with you?) then
this intro will sure do, I just love the build up of this song and as it does so, you have no time to stop, you carry on headbanging till the riff starts and you don’t care who you crash into because everyone else is doing the same thing. As it comes to the final song ‘Youth Gone Wild’ you think how well this band has done for that last 24 years, with the ever changing music climate, they did pretty well as well as maintaining their integrity as a rock band and what Skid Row stood for. People have commented how they use to do big Arenas but even Seb isn’t playing big Arenas too these days because music has changed and it is amazing that Skid Row are still able to do what they always wanted to do: deliver good quality hard rock music. They are doing back to back sell out tours from America to Europe, to Asia,these hard working band deserves more than a pat in the back – maybe a shot of Jack Daniels. Skid Row owned this song to all the Youths out there whether old and new fans you are never too old to be wild, so long Skid Row is providing the music us fans will continue to rock on!

Skid Row photo by Allen Ross Thomas

Skid Row photo by Allen Ross Thomas

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